Sunday, November 30, 2008

**currently we're able to do C.O.D at ampang area..pick up spot at tman nirwana,any other places do contact me ya!!!
vest..vest...vest (SOLD OUT)

miss vest

free size

colour : light green (2 SOLD) and dark green (2 SOLD)

@ rm 30
miss LOLA

miss LOLA

free size

@ rm 35

colour : blue , pink
- halter dress,strechable with jersey a like, best fits uk 4-uk 8.

- original colour at pic 3 & 4

miss patty (SOLD OUT)

ms patty (sOLD)

free size

@ rm 35

- halter dress approx knee length,strechable with jersey a like best fits uk 4-uk 8

Sunday, November 23, 2008

traffic groove (SOLD OUT)

traffic groove
white'black(sold),dark brown'red (SOLD),yellow'blue (SOLD)
each @ rm15


Thursday, November 20, 2008

we know we're not updated for ages..but no worries..we'll update our blog shortly but before that we want to clear up our stocks or we'll do mega sale!!!!

rm 25 each ( SILVER- SOLD , RED - 1 PIECE LEFT)

lollipop tee
rm18 each
black (SOLD OUT), green (SOLD OUT)

ms petite bianca
rm 27
onlt 1 left (SOLD)

miss hula hop

white (SOLD),purple (SOLD) and black (SOLD)

rm 20